Complete Meditation/Mindfulness App for iOS & Android


Meditation/Mindfulness Android & iOS Features –

– Social media login (Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter)
– Audio player
– Flamelink CMS to manage content of your app
– View or manage all the users of the application in the CMS
– Add Stories with caption to keep your users engaged with the latest content
– Categorize audios in different groups
– Set daily reminders
– FCM Push Notifications to send notification messages at no cost and drive user re-engagement and retention
– In-App Purchase (Apple Pay & Google Pay) for Paid meditations
– Create custom subscription packages
– Mark audios paid or free to allow users to use the free content without paying anything and to go for Paid Subscription for Paid meditations.
– Invite friends to download the application with dynamic links
– Animations, shimmer effects, toast messages (Snackbar) for better user experience


We’ll Provide you a complete Meditation App for iOS & Android including the source code and an Admin Dashboard. We’ll need the following items from you –

  1. Name of the App
  2. Logo or Logo Idea and Color Scheme
  3. Facebook Developer Account
  4. Firebase Account Access
  5. Google Play Developer Account
  6. Apple Developer Account

Check 2 of our live apps


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