Hello I have written some requests here

    • hana
      # 3 years, 7 months ago

      1- Hello Could you please look at the following issues that I encountered?
      When I click edit info this is what appears.
      It is not solved

      2- In addition the location that the user selects is only based where he is can the user select a location different than his actual location? As of now it does not have that feature yet. Please could you add that feature? For example if I am in Italy I can change the location to usa and see people in USA. Please add that feature (passport)
      3- I was already working on the older version, I changed the logo and everything I have a question, I know you released a new update with video call and phone call, how can I add that feature on the app that I am working without downloading everything and starting over? If I download the new version that you released do I have to change the logo and package name again or there is an option that will allow me to get the features without starting over?

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